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All about your first Appoointment

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Feeling nervous about your first Physical Therapy appointment, and not sure what to expect? No worries - were here to help you heal!

Let us ease all your worries

A physical therapist helps take care of patients in all phases of healing, from initial diagnosis through the restorative and preventive stages of recovery. Physical therapy may be a standalone option, or it may support other treatments.

Some patients are referred to a physical therapist by their doctor, but other seek therapy themselves.

Whichever way a patient come to a physical therapist, they can expect to:

  • Undergo a physical exam and evaluation, including a health history and certain testing procedures, including evaluation of posture, movement and flexibility, and of muscle and joint motion and performance

  • Receive a clinical diagnosis, prognosis, plan of care and short and long term goals

  • Receive physical therapy treatment and intervention based on the therapist's evaluation and diagnosis

  • Receive self-management recommendations - With in depth at home exercise program

Patients often train with a physical therapist in exercises that they can do at home, to help them function more effectively.

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What Should I Wear? 

Come to your appointments in comfortable and breathable clothing. If you have an upper back, shoulder or neck injury wear either a tank top or a top that allows easy access to the location of your injury.  

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